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DAT/Artathon is a free virtual workshop for early career individuals who work on data visualization using disaster risk and resilience data.

Meet our DAT/Artathon Fellows

Meet our Risk and Resilience DAT/Artists, representing 8 countries and 10 time zones.


So you like scrolling? Why not learn while you do it

The DAT/Artathon workshop was THE perfect excuse to create my first storymap. Here’s the story of how I did it....

Beyond Disastrous Dataviz

This sketchnote is for enthusiastic newbies at dataviz who work not only with risk and resilience data but also more...

No, dinner is for everyone on the table!

A wide range of actors contribute to OpenStreetMap (OSM) with varying backgrounds and skills. Inclusive visualisation of data quality in...

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Workshop with EERI on "Honing your dataviz skills for earthquake engineering"

Sick of your default graphics settings, but don’t know how to make your figures pop? Join us for this workshop...

Why you should build your dataviz toolset early

A blogpost for early career professionals in risk and resilience, cross posted with Lloyd’s Register Foundation Institute for the Public...

Catch us at #UR2020

DAT/Artathon will be at UR2020 next week! Our session is titled DAT/Artathon: Turning risk data into visual art.