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DAT/Artathon is a free virtual workshop for early career individuals who work on data visualization using disaster risk and resilience data.

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So you like scrolling? Why not learn while you do it

The DAT/Artathon workshop was THE perfect excuse to create my first storymap. Here’s the story of how I did it....

Beyond Disastrous Dataviz

This sketchnote is for enthusiastic newbies at dataviz who work not only with risk and resilience data but also more...

No, dinner is for everyone on the table!

A wide range of actors contribute to OpenStreetMap (OSM) with varying backgrounds and skills. Inclusive visualisation of data quality in...

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Communicating economic recovery with data stories (Kshitiz Khanal)

In November 2022, we had our third seminar of the DAT/Artathon Seminar Series. Kshitiz Khanal, PhD candidate at the Department...

Risk and uncertainty visualization for earthquake (and other natural!) hazards (Max Schneider)

In September 2022, we had our second seminar of the DAT/Artathon Seminar Series led by our very own, Max Schneider,...

Dataviz: Going Big for Mass Media (James Goldie)

In July 2022, we had our first seminar of the DAT/Artathon Seminar Series. We were excited to kick off this...