Himalayan Glacial Cover: 2004 vs 2018

Written by Hannah on

This interactive slider visualisation compares summer Himalayan glacial cover in 2004 and 2018. Anecdotal photographs are often used to shed light onto the rapid melting of the Himalayan ice cap. This was Hannah’s response and attempt to explore the climate hazard at a macro-level. She created the visualisation for the Geopolitics & Ecology of Himalayan Water. The initiative brings together the expertise of scholars, practitioners, and policy makers for a holistic approach in studying and proposing solutions to Himalayan water challenges. She hopes that her data-art will elicit new insights about the scale of impact that climate change is already having on the most populous region of the world. The visualization was made using the following data set: Improved MODIS TERRA/AQUA composite Snow and glacier (RGI6.0) data for High Mountain Asia (2002-2018).

Find out more about this project at himalayanwaterproject.org. You can also find the project hosted here.


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