Sabine Loos

Stanford Urban Resilience Initiative

San Fransisco, United States


Sabine Loos is a PhD researcher in the Stanford Urban Resilience Initiative (SURI, Stanford) and the Disaster Analytics for Society Lab (DASL, Singapore). She uses statistical learning techniques that bridge engineering and the social sciences to develop tools to support effective and equitable disaster recovery. Her work is built on the foundation that to promote more resilient societies, we need to support those populations most in need. The transdisciplinary nature of her work has led her to collaborate with Kathmandu Living Labs, the World Bank, NASA, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and others. She also co-chaired the recent Natural Hazards Center Researchers’ Meeting devoted to ethical usage of data for disaster research and co-hosted the Risk & Resilience DAT/Artathon focused on developing data visualizations using disaster data. She is currently in the last year of her PhD from Stanford University. She holds a master’s degree in Sustainable Design & Construction from Stanford University (2018) and bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University (2016). She is a recipient of the John A. Blume Fellowship in Earthquake Engineering and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.