Beyond Disastrous Dataviz

Written by Charlotte on

As a participant of the 2020 DAT/Artathon workshop, one the of key lessons Charlotte learned is the importance of documenting the data visualization process. During the workshop, each participant was invited to come up with an individual project to visualize and tell stories from risk and resilience data. As she struggled with her own visualization project, Charlotte discovered that data visualization is about much more than the final product through engaging with the DAT/Arthathon community. It is also about the process, the steps taken forward and backward. Instead of coming up with a single final visualization product, she decided to turn her documentation efforts into a series of sketchnotes: “Beyond disastrous dataviz” was born.

This sketchnote is the first of a series meant for enthusiastic newbies at dataviz who work not only with risk and resilience data but also more globally in the fields of humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding initiatives.


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