Catch us at #UR2020

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Catch us at #UR2020

DAT/Artathon will be at UR2020 next week! Our session is titled DAT/Artathon: Turning risk data into visual art.

The session will take place on Thursday, Dec 3, UTC 02:00 to 02:55. That’s Wednesday Dec 2, 6PM PST, 7PM MST, 9PM EST and Thursday, Dec 3, 10AM SGT. Registration is free so register here now!

We’re so excited to reunite with four of our DAT/Artathon Fellows - Jackie Ratner, Hannah Melville-Rea, Shane Crawford, and Haley Sims - and our three DAT/Artathon Co-Organizers, Yolanda Lin, Sabine Loos, and Arogya Koirala. Hope you can join us for a showcase of the DAT/Artathon projects and panel discussion!

Session description

Data art has the power to evoke emotions while simultaneously conveying information on risk and resilience to a wider audience. Risk data is often trapped in long reports and articles that never reach key stakeholders who we truly want to reach: at-risk communities and leaders who can invoke positive change. How can we support young professionals and early career researchers who want to bridge this divide?

Join us as we share the outputs from the 2020 Risk and Resilience DAT/Artathon–a collaborative and constructive virtual workshop to create disaster data art and identify best practices in data visualization when using disaster data.

This 3-week virtual workshop brought together a cohort of early career risk and resilience data visualizers to share skills, build an inclusive cohort, and work on their own individual projects. We will feature projects from the DAT/Artathon workshop and engage in a lively panel discussion with members of this year’s cohort.


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