2021 Fellows


Anna Steinbock

New York, United States

Anna is a current undergraduate at Tufts University studying Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. She is interested in using data science and analytics to quantify risks and look at their...


Corinne Bowers

Richmond, United States

Corinne is a PhD candidate at Stanford University working to better understand and mitigate repetitive flooding driven by atmospheric rivers. She comes from a structural engineering background, but her work...


Cynthia Lee

New York, United States

Dr. Cynthia Lee is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City. Her research interests are in...


Daniel Furman

San Francisco, United States

Daniel is a graduate student at UC Berkeley in the Master’s of Information Management and Systems program. His research interests currently lie in applied data science, which developed across his...


Jaewon Saw

Berkeley, United States

Jaewon is an incoming PhD student in Systems Engineering at University of California, Berkeley. Her master’s research in Structural Engineering and Geomechanics at Stanford University was centered on regional earthquake...


Jorge Mario Lozano

Atlanta, United States

Jorge Mario is a civil engineer and Ph.D. researcher in Georgia Tech, USA. He was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and he’s passionate about disaster resilience, running, soccer, and film-making. He...


Kelley De Polt

Greenville, United States

Kelley De Polt is a master’s candidate in the Geography Department at East Carolina University (Greenville, NC, USA). She currently is a graduate intern at the North Carolina Institute for...


Marisha Kashyap

Sacramento, United States

Marisha is an incoming graduate student of Psychology at Hunter College, City University of New York, class of 2023. She graduated with an MPH in Population and Family Health from...


Miriam Nielsen

New York, United States

Miriam Nielsen studies compound hydrological extremes as a PhD student in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University. She is interested in how severe hazards will change under warming and...


Muhammad Saleem

Enschede, The Netherlands

Muhammad is Masters graduate from faculty of Geoinformation science and Earth observation. His work includes how, when, why, where and what spatial data should be produced for disaster risk reduction....


Shelby Ahrendt

Grand Marais, United States

Shelby is a PhD candidate at the University of Washington studying hydro-geomorphic flood hazards. Her thesis research asks: what happens to flood hazards in mountain basins when rivers are morphodynamically...


Shikha Srinivas

Bakersfield, United States

Shikha Srinivas is a master’s student studying Sustainable Design and Construction at Stanford University, where she also graduated from with a B.S. in Environmental Systems Engineering and Minor in Human...


Shivani Zite

Pune, India

Shivani is an aspiring researcher in the field of Disaster Management and Disaster Studies. She has completed her Master’s in Disaster Management and has done her Bachelor’s degree in Earth...

2020 Fellows


Ana Gonzalez


Ana is a chemical engineer who just graduated her Master’s degree in Sustainability. Her thesis focused on Disaster Risk Reduction mapping vulnerability to Typhoons in the Philippines. She also participated...


Arogya Koirala

Kathmandu, Nepal

Arogya is the Tech and Innovation Lead at Kathmandu Living Labs, a leading civic tech company working in Nepal and the region. He has supported the design and development of...


Ayse Demir

San Fransisco, United States

Ayse is a data scientist at Gap Inc, working on model-driven visualizations and embedded business intelligence projects. Aside from her job, she is also an incubator technologist/artist at Gray Area...


Charlotte Gendre

Istanbul, Turkey

Charlotte has an academic background in social sciences (Sociology, Economics, European Studies). She gained experience in the development and humanitarian aid sector as a volunteer and while working in an...


Haley Sims

San Francisco, United States

Haley is a Structural Analyst within the Advanced Technology and Research team at multi-disciplinary engineering firm Arup. Her work involves quantifying the impact of hazards (both natural and manmade) on...


Hannah Melville-Rea

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hannah pursues interdisciplinary research in climate resilience at NYU Abu Dhabi. Presently, she examines drought impacts in Australia, sea level rise in the UAE and glacier melts in the Himalayas....


Jackie Ratner

New York, United States

Jackie applies disaster science to create practical disaster resilience solutions. She focuses on a “bottom line” approach to identify knowledge gaps, measurable impacts, and actionable next steps for stakeholder-led resilience...


Max Schneider

Seattle, United States

Max is a PhD candidate in Statistics at the University of Washington. He works on uncertainty quantification and visualization for earthquake models, with broader interest in effectively communicating risk to...


Sabine Loos

San Fransisco, United States

Sabine Loos is a PhD researcher in the Stanford Urban Resilience Initiative (SURI, Stanford) and the Disaster Analytics for Society Lab (DASL, Singapore). She uses statistical learning techniques that bridge...


Shane Crawford

Washington D.C., United States

Dr. Patrick Shane Crawford is a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Structural Engineer in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Community Resilience Group and Disaster and Failure...


Srijan Manandhar

Kathmandu, Nepal

Srijan Manandhar is currently working at the Youth Innovation Lab in Nepal as a Technical Lead for the project ‘BIPAD’ (https://bipad.gov.np/). He has expertise in front and back end development,...


Yolanda Lin

Albuquerque, United States

Dr. Yolanda Lin develops computational tools and methods in disaster risk analysis for identifying, analyzing, and communicating extreme events. She is interested in low-probability, high-impact, data-sparse events at the intersection...